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Alberto Pereira, Luna B and Senegambia participate in the Heavy Baile video in partnership with Club

"Montagem Partiu, Não Para (Ombrim Pezim)" is the name of the last single from Heavy Baile.A project carried out in partnership with Club Social Brasil that highlights the importance of valuing artists and their cultures.Directed and scripted by Cauã Csik and Maihara Marjorie, musical production by Leo Justi and TH4l, the track composed by MC Tchelinho features works by Alberto Pereira, Luna B and Senegambia.

Check it out:

Sound Production Datasheet:

Heavy Baile Sounds

Music production: Leo Justi and TH4I

Composer and Singer: MC Tchelinho

Sound design and Finishing: Leo Justi

Service: Julia Martins

Music: Montagem Partiu, Não Para (Ombrim Pezim)



Cast dancers: MC Tchelinho - @mctchelinho Anderson Slick - @slickanderson Cacau Nascimento - @cacaunascimentoo Dricca Bispo - @driccabispo Lu Montty - @lucasmontty Vinicius Rodrigues - @vn_dancarinobrabo

Visual Artists:

Senegambia - @senegambia81

Alberto Pereira - @albertopereira

Luna Bastos - @lunabastos_

Image producer: MangoLab

Executive Production: Alberto Aguinaga, Matheus Salgado and Júlia Martins

Direction and script: Cauã Csik and Maihara Marjorie

Choreographic Direction: Leo Garcia and Sheick

Assistant Director: Júlia Martins

Production Management: Matheus Salgado and Marina Novello

Production assistant: Luiza Toré

Photography Directors: Cauã Csik and Sid Dore

Focus: Igor Duarte

Camera Assistant: Alberto Aguinaga

Still: Bel Gandolfo

Making Of: Tadeu Fidalgo

Electrician: Toni Oliveira

Art Direction: Maihara Marjorie and Baby Tha Prince

Styling: Maihara Marjorie and Baby Tha Prince

Makeup: Danielle Leone

Location Production (Cross): Anderson dos Santos

Location Production (Arpoador): Edson Albuquerque

COVID-19 Tests: FastClin

Transport: Gabriel Cartajena

Catering: Sandra Tinoco

Security: Anderson Oliveira

Assembler: Cauã Csik

Colorist: Bernardo Neder


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